The Bowing in Procedure

A formal karate training session will always commence with a standardised "bowing in" procedure. This procedure is an important opportunity for all students to assist in setting the tone of the dojo by allowing all of the participants the opportunity to relax, focus and prepare themselves, both mentally and physically, for the practice that they are about to undertake.


1. Stand at attention when called to do so by Sensei.

2. Kneel down into the seiza position, left knee first.

3. Maintain correct posture, resting your hands on the tops of your thighs.

4. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Put all of the stresses of the day out of your mind and prepare yourself for the practice that awaits.

5. Open your eyes and listen for the directions given by Sensei

6. Place your left hand, followed your right, onto the mat in front of you and complete the bow.

7. Place your right hand, followed by your left, back on your thighs.

8. Stand up, with your right foot first, returning to the attention position.


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