Dojo Guidelines Regarding Etiquette

Basic courtesy is at the heart of any reputable martial arts dojo. Certain behaviours are encouraged to ensure that a safe and respectful atmosphere is created and maintained by all participants.

1.    Although every care is taken to plan and conduct safe training sessions, students may sustain injuries during the course of the session or related activities of the dojo.

2.    Please advise the instructors of any problems that may influence the training of the applicant; being forewarned can assist in planning for specific needs and avoid embarrassment during training.

3.    Behaviour inside or outside the Dojo that brings karate into disrepute may result in the cancellation of the membership of the person or persons involved.

4.    Karate-do training involves learning many skills and values, consequently we welcome the interest and concern of parents or family members. There is always provision for parents, family members and friends to sit at the rear of the gym. However, there is to be NO interaction with the karate-ka on the floor during training and especially “sideline coaching” (in the dojo) as this does more to distract than aid the karate-ka. Please remember that learning concentration and focus are key elements of karate-do training and having to focus on two teachers is counter-productive.

6.    Please ensure that children who are attending, but not training, are adequately supervised. Our full attention is on delivering the best possible instruction to our members and so we can't take responsibility for “non-karate” spectators.

7.    The above applies equally to karate-ka dropped off too early for class, or not collected promptly after class. Please ensure that suitable arrangements have been made for the delivery and collection of your child. In addition, important notices are often delivered at the end of training sessions.

8.  All family members are requested to respect karate dojo etiquette and refrain from walking on the mat or across the floor of the training area.

9.  We do not accept responsibility for any items left at the dojo.

10.  Where appropriate, dojo etiquette requires that karate-ka advise the instructor should they be unable to attend any training session. This furthers one of our training ideals relating to simple courtesy and manners.  As a general “rule of thumb” it is expected that a beginner student attends at least twenty training sessions between grading tests, this amount increases as the student progresses through the grades.

11.    In order to empower students to accept responsibility for their learning, the instructor will advise students as to when they are to attempt grading tests. This doesn't guarantee a pass. Students are encouraged to monitor their progress by considering factors such as: effort, technical proficiency, attitude,attendance record and future intentions when determining their eligibility for grading. Grading tests are held the end of each school term and students are strongly encouraged to seek advice relating to their preparation and participation.
12.    Arriving late for training is bad dojo etiquette and is discouraged. Be assured we understand that sometimes coming late is unavoidable and in such an event, we would rather have a karate-ka arrive late than miss the class completely.

13.    Details relating to tuition fees must be updated with the instructor.

14.    Please advise the instructor of any changes of address, telephone number or training circumstances.

15.    All karate-ka will be expected to be familiar with our Dojo Kun (training maxims), and observe the etiquette of the dojo. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

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