How to choose a Club that's right for you

1. The Instructor's qualifications and affiliations

Ensure that their teaching manner is appropriate and that they belong to a well recognised (Australian Government) association and that they have direct affiliation with a credible international body. Are the instructors qualified?  Just because they wear a black belt doesn't necessarily mean that they are qualified.

2. Look at some of the students

Both beginners and the more advanced ones. How is each group catered for according to their needs? One size does not fit all. What is their skill level like? An instructor may be excellent themselves and have an impressive competition record or title, but can they impart their knowledge to others? Is it an environment that you feel welcome in and can you see yourself being part of it?

3. Are the facilities that classes are held in well maintained, easily accessible and suitable for the activity?

Don't be fooled by full time facilities as a nice dojo doesn't make up for bad teaching!

4. Don't pay exorbitant fees.

Just because you pay alot doesn't mean you get the best! KaratePerth offers very a reasonable fee structure from as little as around $5.00 per class!

5. Look at other costs associated with the membership

Hidden fees, joining fees, insurance, equipment, outfit & grading costs. These may add up so that what appears to be a cheap membership actually becomes an expensive one!

6. Be weary of schools that offer short self-defence classes

Skills and the confidence to use them, are only developed through understanding, repetition & application in a positive learning environment. Noone can offer a credible "black belt" that's achievable in 12 months, nor can anyone reasonably expect to be able to defend themselves after a few lessons. Dedication & self discipline combined with excellent teaching will provide the results you are looking for.

You are very welcome to visit one of our dojo and look at what we can offer you, even join in for a free trial lesson - no obligation.  Should you have any further questions please call me on 0422 987 957 or go to our contact page