Dojo Guidelines

Benefits of Karate-do

  • Cultivating respect for yourself and others,
  • Earning your peers’ friendship in a positive and healthy environment,
  • Understanding your own mind and body,
  • Goal setting, perseverance and confidence through achievement and
  • Learn basic principles by which to live your life.

Classes typically include

  • Basics (kihon),
  • Movements (kihon ido),
  • Patterns (kata),
  • Sparring (kumite),
  • Self-defence,
  • Fitness and coordination

What is a Dojo?

Dojo is the term used in the Japanese martial arts in reference to the formal venue for training, examinations and other related events. Dojo literally means "place of the way." The dojo is your personal place in which you train. Its positive atmosphere is created from the beginning of class during the formal bowing in procedure, and then perpetuated by every member of the dojo through their supportive conduct.


How to Tie Your Karate Belt

Step 1

Start by holding the label end (marked by the white ring) of the belt across your stomach. It should hang a few centremetres longer than the length you want the belt to be when it is tied. Wrap the other end of the belt behind you and around your waist. 

Step 1


The Bowing in Procedure

A formal karate training session will always commence with a standardised "bowing in" procedure. This procedure is an important opportunity for all students to assist in setting the tone of the dojo by allowing all of the participants the opportunity to relax, focus and prepare themselves, both mentally and physically, for the practice that they are about to undertake.


Dojo Kun (Training Maxims)

Although they are numbered below, this doesn’t denote any order of priority. Each is equally important.

We the students of Goju-ryu, do aspire to these virtues: 

1.   We are proud to study the way of Goju    

2.   We are courteous in manners    

3.   We strive to develop courage and fighting spirit    

4.   We cultivate the sense of friendship through mutual support    

5.   We respect the ideals of loyalty and honour.


Dojo Guidelines Regarding Etiquette

Basic courtesy is at the heart of any reputable martial arts dojo. Certain behaviours are encouraged to ensure that a safe and respectful atmosphere is created and maintained by all participants.


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