Welcome to Ben Mettam's KaratePerth.Com located in Perth, Western Australia.  We provide Karate lessons in the Northern Suburbs and this includes Greenwood, North BeachCarramar and Edgewater and surrounding areas. KaratePerth is a member of the International Karate-do Gojukai Association.

As part of our long term health and well-being it is important to keep fit and feel good about ourselves. Exercise, in conjunction with a healthy diet are only two parts of the puzzle, stresses of daily life can also affect our mental health which is just as important in maintaining balance in our lives. Karate assists in all of these aspects by providing a fun, dynamic and interesting release from stress as well as other health benefits associated with exercise.

Perhaps you have always wanted to learn Karate for the health benefits, or learn to defend yourself, which is especially important in light of the recent rise in violence related crime. People's motivations for learning are all different but one factor is constant; the practice of Karate is beneficial to all aspects of your life and includes much more than fighting skills. These added benefits include; an increase your self-discipline and self-confidence, improved focus at school or work, a sense of belonging to a community group, connectedness with others through the participation in a fun and stimulating activity. When we, as individuals, strive to be our best, we make our whole community a better place.

Brian Mackie and his Karate Academy are icons of authentic Karate in Western Australia. The Academy has been operating for almost 50 years and has remained at the same city location since its establishment in 1966. Brian is a foundation member of the Australian Karate Federation W.A. Inc. which is the only government recognised body for karate in Australia, as well as the International Karate-do Goju Kai Association, founded by the legendary Gogen Yamaguchi

Brian Mackie's Karate Academy of Japan has 11 additional locations in Western Australia.  To view these locations please click here.

Greenwood/ Duncraig and North Beach branch instructor, Ben Mettam, has been a student of Brian’s for almost 25 years. A 5th dan black belt, Ben is a government accredited instructor who is experienced in conducting relevant and stimulating classes. You can have fun training with other like-minded people progressing at your own pace, on your way to becoming an internationally recognised Black Belt.

There is only one choice... Gojukai Karate! 

Contact Ben Mettam today and take the first step in becoming a stronger, happier and healthier individual.

For the official IKGA website of Australian Chief Instructor and IKGA Director Brian Mackie, 7th Dan Kyoshi Shihan, please visit Karate WA www.karatewa.com

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Why is Goju-Kai Karate essential for you?

  • Connectedness

    be part of, and contribute to, a local and global community of like minded group of people, making new and meaningful friendships

  • Communicate

    with each other in order to build positive relationships

  • Challenge

    yourself physically and mentally on your way to achieving your goals

  • Celebrate

    success through hard work and determination

Take the first steps towards becoming a stronger, happier and healthier individual by enrolling in Gojukai karate with Ben Mettam's KaratePerth.